Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Update

Due to unprecedented amounts of fan mail, & a noticeable (scar leaving) crack of the whip. Here is the recently promised, much delayed team update for August. The likelihood of these appearing in the future with any frequency remain minimal.

ABD: really deserves a post all on its own, but that wouldn’t embrace the word team (he got one anyway). Put a clinic on at UMC earlier this month & is back at work like nothing happened. Now on the custom program, upgrading everything. Picked some fruit in Kelowna last Sunday, very easy apparently.

DBD: Last seen getting lapped on the lake but now staying upright with a late season push with the benefit of BBD's piloting a new 320hp vessel for support. Accidentally booked a trip to Maui in August. Team instructed to use the smokie machine at own risk.

KBD: Still hibernating, doing the absolute minimum to stay on team roster. Now licensed to drive a limo & ambulance, may be employed full time by team management with those skills. Apparently getting ready for ski season but the next thing entered will be the beer garden.

LBD: Contrary to popular opinion, is not getting a titanium knee replacement.
In the minority as has kept himself at race weight all season, congrats. Now Taking orders for custom Team luggage, respect.

BBDs: Now coastguard rescue-certified.
Upping the calorie count, as well as their demands for more respect as they reinforce their roles in the Team. Reminder that they must be consulted on all future event choices.

TBD: last report has him in Ibiza carrying several different passports.
Has several trophies for sale (link here) BBD's have instructed a change of profile picture as it’s no longer current.

EMBD: Muscling up for the downhill sections on August 25th. Weekly km count in double figures right now. Showdown looming this Sunday morning with ABD on McClean Creek Road.

BHBD: Bunker preparations on track, watch for appearance on 'doomsday preppers' this fall. Team members are now instructed not to cross the moat for supplies & avoid wearing lyrca in the vicinity of the Ranch until years end

BDC: Doing piles of miles, at work. Scouting out new training grounds a few valleys over. New borscht recipe being tested.

Busy weekend coming up. Make sure those burning calories are replacing them in the PM.

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glowstickgirl said...

Perhaps KBD can use his newly acquired limo/ambulance driving skills to pick up Mrs. ABD off the run course this Sunday. Whether a limo or ambulance is required is to be determined on race day...